About BKPro

BKPRO exists to develop and apply the most up-to-date and futuristic tools and techniques to the subject of progression in action sports. With the dual goals of increasing both safety and success for individuals looking to push themselves and their game to new heights, Olympic Gold-medal-winning snowboard park and pipe coach Bud Keene has created BKPRO as an umbrella for all efforts directed toward this progression. BKPRO includes Progression Camps, Competition Management, Coach Training and mentoring, Sport-Specific Software and Training Tool Development, and more. Anything that drives progression means BKPRO. Read More

About Bud Keene


A snowboarding pioneer, Bud was introduced to snowboarding in February 1984, and had to hike all the way up the mountain for his runs down in Stowe, Vermont when snowboarding was not allowed on the lifts. He was constantly chased by police and resort security, and harassed by ski patrol. His first snowboard was a Burton Woody Performer with no edges, aluminum fins, a wooden base, and no high-backs. Moving to California in 1985 and meeting Tom Sims, he became one of the first snowboard instructors in the USA at Soda Springs and Boreal Ridge on Donner Summit, and raced in the Mt. Baker Banked Slalom that year. He moved back to Vermont to become one of the first instructors at Stowe when it opened to riding in 1987, and joined the Professional Ski Instructors of America that year. Bud became a PSIA snowboard examiner in 1989, and traveled to Copper Mountain, CO that winter to participate in the writing of the first-ever PSIA snowboard instruction manual. After competing professionally as a sponsored rider, first for Sims and then for Burton snowboards from 1985-1989, he became the full-time snowboard coach for the Mount Mansfield Ski and Snowboard Club in Stowe. Read More

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“My first time working with Bud Keene was an eye opener to the benefits that having a coach can provide.”

Gus Kenworthy, 2014 Men's Ski Halfpipe Olympic Silver Medalist