BKPRO ACADEMY represents a total approach to athletic success, providing meaningful tools for all partners in the process – athletes, coaches, and parents – to put their very best foot forward toward achieving goals. BKPRO ACADEMY offerings include, but are not limited to:

  • Coach/Athlete Training Sessions and Camps where coaches and athletes can work together with Bud, developing skills, approaches, and strategies for success that they can then take forward together.
  • Parent Training Sessions with or without the athlete. It truly takes a village to develop a world-class action sports athlete. Through BKPRO ACADEMY make sure that your involvement has a positive effect.
  • World-Class Athlete Assessments by Bud that give all partners a clear picture of an athlete’s current standing and potential, analyzing the current training approach and it’s chances for success, identifying strengths and weaknesses, and designing strategies to go forward with that will achieve goals.
  • Cutting-Edge Training Tool Development – The way in which we learn is being redefined, and BKPRO ACADEMY is leading the charge. As the difficulty of tricks increases, the need to increase the chances of success while minimizing risk for the athlete becomes more and more important. The airbag was just the tip of the iceberg…
  • Coach/Parent Training Courses and Mentoring provide fantastic opportunities for professional development. Plainly put, the more the parent knows their role, or the better the coach is the more that they can help their athletes. With 3 Olympic gold medals(and counting), Bud’s methods and approach clearly work.
  • Consulting at every level of the industry. A snowboarding pioneer Bud competed professionally, opened and operated successful retail operations, built one of the largest competitive training organizations in the US for all ages, co-wrote the first-ever snowboarding instructional manual for the PSIA, organized and led world-record-setting expeditions around the globe, as Head Coach led the US Halfpipe team to it’s most successful Olympics in history, and has more Olympic Gold Medals to his credit than any other snowboard coach alive. His experience and expertise are unmatched.
  • Public Speaking of a technical, inspirational, or instructional nature. Bud has addressed Foreign Olympic Organizations, Athletic Academies, National Sales Conferences, Private Schools, Parent Groups, International Professional Organizations, and even High School graduations. His wide breadth of experience and exceptional ability to communicate allow him to shape his message for any audience, making him a skilled on or off-topic speaker.

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“I’ve felt a comfort and security with Bud’s coaching that I haven’t experienced otherwise. I trust him whole-heartedly.”

Gus Kenworthy, 2014 Men's Ski Halfpipe Olympic Silver Medalist