Question: How can I reserve my spot at a camp?
Answer: A 25% deposit will secure your spot.

Question: How old do I have to be to attend a Bud Keene Progression Camp?
Answer: There is no age minimum. We have trained athletes from 7 years old and up. The desire to get better — to progress — is the only requirement.

Question: How good do I need to be to attend a Bud Keene Progression Camp? Do I need to be a pro?
Answer: You don’t need to be a pro. You only need to be willing to work hard and apply yourself toward the goal of getting better. All BKPRO Camps include a wide variety of ability levels.

Question: Will there be pro athletes training there too?
Answer: Absolutely. BKPRO Camps provide the tools and coaching that help to accelerate an athlete’s progression at any level, even at the top. Olympic medalists attend these camps.

Question: Is a Bud Keene Progression Camp for competitive athletes only?
Answer: Definitely not. There are plenty of athletes that attend BKPRO Camps who want to progress their game for their own sense of accomplishment, or to get better at riding the backcountry, etc.

Question: If there is halfpipe and slopestyle training at the camp, do I have to do both? Or can I choose to focus on one?
Answer: You choose where to focus your attention and efforts at a BKPRO Camp, they are not chosen for you.

Question: Do girls as well as guys attend the camps?
Answer: Some BKPRO Camps have a few more girls than boys, and some a few more boys than girls. All contain a pretty good mix of the two.

Question: Is there an average age for the campers?
Answer: No. Campers as young as 7 have attended and progressed a ton. On the other end, a camper celebrated his 30th birthday at one of last year’s camps. The next day he learned a frontside doublecork in the pipe. Later that year he made his country’s Olympic Team!

Question: Should I buy all new equipment to bring to camp?
Answer: No, it’s never a good idea to get onto brand new stuff at an important progression camp. Your equipment should be in good shape, and well taken care of, but should have a few "miles" on it so you don’t waste time at camp getting used to it.

Question: What type of clothing should I bring?
Answer: All BKPRO Camps take place in the mountains at different times of the year. Mountains at any time of year have unpredictable weather, so you should come prepared for cold, snowy weather as well as warm and sunny weather. You just never know.

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“My first time working with Bud Keene was an eye opener to the benefits that having a coach can provide.”

Gus Kenworthy, 2014 Men's Ski Halfpipe Olympic Silver Medalist